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HBCUCDC believes that the obstacles that once prevented the continued development of the communities surrounding HBCUs no longer exist and now is the time to continue that work.

HBCUCDC is experienced in all stages of the community development process from inception, funding, marketing, construction, implementation, absorption, and retirement of the project financial liabilities.  HBCUCDC possesses the knowledge required to achieve a renaissance of HBCUs and their surrounding communities.


HBCUCDC leverages the assets of the HBCUs and their surrounding communities to acquire the financial resources needed to fund the restoration and advancement of these institutions.

HBCUCDC develops the master plan for the community development project that includes HBCU and community input, and the private financial resources needed to revive these communities.

HBCUCDC assembles a team of private-sector professionals skilled in completing community development projects as detailed in the master plan.

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