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The Process

HBCUCDC Provides Services that

Generate Income for HBCUs

HBCUCDC provides a turnkey community development solution designed to create business and community partnerships capable of obtaining the capital needed to increase student enrollment, attract additional faculty and staff to the community, and generate long term sources of income for HBCUs and the surrounding community.


Create an Asset Based Community Development Master Plan

HBCUCDC enters a contractual relationship that gives the HBCU the ownership position allowing it to receive most of the income generated from the public and/or private sector financed community development project. HBCUCDC assists the HBCU with creating a master plan that

  • Incorporates the HBCU and surrounding community input on what should be included in the development project and.
  • Leverages the existing social, cultural, and financial assets of the community.


Establish Relationships to Build HBCU and Community Infrastructure

HBCUCDC serves as a catalyst that provides the HBCU administrators the knowledge and assistance needed to establish agreements with the public and private institutions providing the financial resources to fund the infrastructure improvements. Some of the existing financial resources available to fund infrastructure improvements include:

  • New Market, Housing and Historical Tax Credits,
  • Tax Exempt Bonds,
  • Opportunity Zone Funds,
  • Equity Investments,
  • Grants and Loans.


Managing the Development Construction, Implementation and Retiring Financial Obligations

HBCUCDC assembles a team of professionals possessing the expertise and skill required to carry out the design, construction, marketing, and management of the project as agreed upon in the HBCU and community-approved master plan. HBCUCDC coordinates the development to ensure the construction and day-to-day HBCU and community activities are complementary and enhance new student, faculty, and staff recruitment. HBCUCDC utilizes financial systems and tools that monitor the flow of funds before, during, and after the project completion to ensure against fund misappropriations and to accurately forecast project income, expenditures, and debt services. HBCUCDC uses this data to develop operational adjustments needed to successfully retire development financial obligations.

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